17 October 2017

Subdermal Contraceptive Implants | Utah

For 25 years Dr Joanne S Hinson has been providing exceptional healthcare to woman of Salt Lake City, Utah (and beyond), including offering birth control options such as subdermal contraceptive implants. Dr Hinson provides compassionate medical care to women which also covers birth control counseling.

Subdermal contraceptive implants involve the delivery of a steroid progestin from polymer capsules or rods placed under the skin. The hormone diffuses out slowly at a stable rate, providing contraceptive effectiveness for 1-5 years. Subdermal implantable contraceptives are highly effective, easy to use and carry a low risk of side-effects.

Subdermal contraceptive implants are basically a hormone-releasing birth control device that is placed under the skin for women who prefer a long-acting option.

With subdermal contraceptive implants birth control does not need to be taken daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly (4 times a year). This type of birth control is considered a long-term method because it prevents pregnancy for up to 3 years.

The period of protection depends upon the specific progestin and the type of polymer. Advantages of progestin implants include long term contraceptive action without requiring the user's or provider's attention, low dose of highly effective contraception without the use of estrogen, and fertility is readily reversible after the removal of implants.

Nexplanon | Subdermal Contraceptive Implants

Nexplanon, is a single-rod subdermal contraceptive implant made by Merck & Co. that is inserted just under the skin of a woman's upper arm and contains etonorgestrel. Nexplanon is a type of long-acting reversible contraception, considered one of the most effective form of birth control.  Nexplanon is has 15 mg of barium sulphate added to the core, so it is detectable by x-ray. Nexplanon also has a pre-loaded applicator for easier insertion.[

Dr Hinson performs the insertion of subdermal birth control (in-office procedure)  to ensure proper insertion and minimize the risk of nerve damage or misplacement. A needle-like applicator is used to insert the rod under the skin into the subdermal tissue on the inner side of the arm between the biceps and triceps muscles.

Nexplanon is a type of long-acting reversible contraception, which has been shown to be the most effective form of birth control available.

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Passionate about her vision. Treating women as people, respecting their value as females, and as people.

25 years of OB/GYN experience, acting as the only doctor for most of her patients , treating other medical needs as well.

Emphasizes a partnership with the patient in her health care, strongly advocating her responsibility in her health.

Focused, nonjudgemental listener, effective communicator and educator.

Considers the patient's overall health, mental state, and social issues as possible factors contributing to her present problems.

Considers the female body as a whole, not just the pelvic region.

Committed to staying current with changing guidelines and treatment options.

Continuously updating skills with emphasis on minimally invasive and in-office procedures.

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For 25 years Dr. Joanne S. Hinson has provided compassionate healthcare to the women of Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond. From puberty to menopause, Dr Hinson provides the best personalized GYN services… caring for the whole woman.

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