20 September 2017

Birth Control Options | SLC Utah

Dr Hinson has been guiding women in regard to safe and effective birth control options for women of the Salt Lake City area (SLC) for 25 years.  Joanne S Hinson, MD, is a "woman's doctor", meaning she is highly trusted by women because she really invests her self and builds life-long relationships with her patients.  

Dr Hinson provides essential birth control counseling and procedures.  Her patients love her, and are very happy with her overall knowledge, skills, and personality.  Dr Hinson's patients describe her to be a compassionate person, a great listener, and a powerful educator and counselor. Birth Control Options in Salt Lake City

Today, women are looking for birth control options that fits her life.  Perhaps you have been using an effective hormonal method of birth control, but you are concerned about the hormone-related side effects (such as weight gain, mood swings, acne, or headaches).

Perhaps you've been using a non-hormonal birth control method, but you want to keep the moment with your partner spontaneous. And, since nobody's perfect, you don't want a slip up that can increase the risk of getting pregnant.

Dr Hinson knows that if a woman is sexually active and able to become pregnant (fertile) she needs to consider if pregnancy is an option.  If the answer is "No," then its best that she use a safe and effective method of birth control (contraception).

Just as important is the question "do you desire to become pregnant in the future?" The answer to this question will shed light on the type of birth control method is best for her.

There are a number of different terms that describe birth control options. (contraception, pregnancy prevention, and fertility control). What's important is the fact that sexually active women can choose from various birth control options to reduce the possibility of their becoming pregnant.

Reversible Birth Control

Birth control methods can be reversible or permanent. Reversible birth control means that the method can be stopped at essentially any time without long-term effects on fertility (the ability to become pregnant).  There are birth control options with no daily or weekly routine. They are considered to be "hassle free", highly effective and completely hormone free.

For more information about all types of safe and effective birth control options please contact Dr Hinson's office at 801-364-4030 and make an appointment today.

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Passionate about her vision. Treating women as people, respecting their value as females, and as people.

25 years of OB/GYN experience, acting as the only doctor for most of her patients , treating other medical needs as well.

Emphasizes a partnership with the patient in her health care, strongly advocating her responsibility in her health.

Focused, nonjudgemental listener, effective communicator and educator.

Considers the patient's overall health, mental state, and social issues as possible factors contributing to her present problems.

Considers the female body as a whole, not just the pelvic region.

Committed to staying current with changing guidelines and treatment options.

Continuously updating skills with emphasis on minimally invasive and in-office procedures.

More About Dr. Hinson

For 25 years Dr. Joanne S. Hinson has provided compassionate healthcare to the women of Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond. From puberty to menopause, Dr Hinson provides the best personalized GYN services… caring for the whole woman.

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